Kleber provides an official client which allows pastes and uploads from the command line. The primary purpose is to provide a command-line interface where the basic API features are implemented. Uploading of pure text as well as data/binary is supported from either files or STDIN.

Get It!

The sources of the Kleber CLI are available on GitHub. There is also a kleber-git package available in the Arch User Repository (AUR).


$ pip install -r requirements.txt
$ pit install .


Kleber supports configuration files. The default configuration file is located at ~/.kleberrc.

Minimal configuration file

A minimal configuration file includes just one line with a valid Authentication Token:

{"api_key": "$INSERT_API_KEY_HERE"}


Upload a File

$ kleber /data/file

Upload From STDIN

$ echo "Kleber is awesome" | kleber -

Create a paste from STDIN with a given name

$ echo "More Kleber" | kleber --name mypaste

List Upload History

$ kleber --list

Help Page

$ kleber --help


Feel free to open issues and create pull requests on the GitHub page.