Kleber provides an official client which allows pastes and uploads from the command line. It is written in pure shell script and aims to be POSIX compatible (more or less). Therefore it should be compatible with most major shells like bash and zsh. All configuration values can be set via external configuration file.

Get It!

The sources of the Kleber CLI are available on GitHub. There is also a kleber-git package available in the Arch User Repository (AUR).


$ git clone
$ cd kleber-cli
# make install


Kleber supports configuration files. The default configuration file is located at ~/.kleberrc. Any variables of the CLI can be overwritten with configuration files, so modifying the code in order to change it's behaviour is not necessary.

Minimal configuration file

A minimal configuration file includes just one line with a valid Authentication Token:



Upload a File

$ kleber --upload /data/file

Upload From STDIN

$ echo "Kleber is awesome" | kleber

Create a paste from STDIN with a given name

$ echo "More Kleber" | kleber --name mypaste

List Upload History

$ kleber --list

Help Page

$ kleber --help


Feel free to open issues and create pull requests on the GitHub page.